24kV TWT Modulator

Colorado Power Electronics offers computer-controlled TWTA test stations with precision high-voltage supplies, cathode switch and fully integrated data acquisition instrumentation. Together, the TWTA test system (modulator) and rack mountable computer (controller) form a powerful tool for manufacturing and operating TWT amplifiers. TWTA test systems can be configured for your specific application needs. Please contact CPE for expert application engineering support.

Cathode Supply:

  • Cathode voltage supply ranges up to 24kV
  • 0.33μF output capacitance for superior power initiation and pulse stability

Collector Supplies:

  • Collector supplies are designed as series-stackable modules that allow system expandability.
  • Each supply is floatable to 25kV with an operating range up to 4kV differential.
  • Wide load range capability
  • 0.1% voltage and current regulation

Heater Supply:

  • 4-wire Kelvin connection for accurate load point regulation
  • Timer removes heater power when no high voltage is present for a preset time.
  • Current limit for thermal shock reduction

Pulsing Capability:

  • Cathode and Grid (IFE) voltage pulsing capability available in the same rack
  • Cathode voltage can be pulsed to full operating voltage for a varying duty cycle and period.
  • Grid (IFE) potential can be modulated from bias level to pulse top level.

Fast Protection:

  • Typical rise and fall times of 400ns to 15kV
  • Low 1mJ tube fault energy
  • Internal crowbar for collector and cathode supplies
  • High-speed hardware fault protection – no firmware intervention required to detect fault conditions

Control System:

  • Integrated data acquisition instrumentation with 10μs resolution
  • Optically isolated rack mount controller with GPIB interface for full automation capability
  • Isolated sync output for external cathode switch synchronization
  • User interlock
  • Smoke detector
  • External HV warning lamp with lamp failure detection
  • Selectable automatic reset function to automatically clear faults and re-apply power to TWT
  • Fault history log
  • Selectable cathode tracking automatically adjusts collector voltage to track cathode voltage changes.
  • Preset tube families allow quick configuration for TWT types.

For a full list of features, see page 2 of CPE’s flyer for IVEC 2016.