Hi-Pot Tester

  • Up to 5-Channels
    • 1-channel output configuration
      • 100kV at 10mA
    • 3-channel output configuration
      • 20kV at 1.2mA
      • 30kV at 1.2mA
      • 70kV at 10mA
    • 5-channel output configuration
      • 4 outputs of 30kV at 1.2mA each
      • 1 output of 30kV at 10mA each
  • Polarity-reversing switch
  • Oil-free
  • Embedded control panel
  • Simple 120VAC input power

Colorado Power Electronics designed, built and tested a 100kV hi-potter, coined the “Zapatron 100kV” which was shipped in February 2014. A full review is available here.

100kV Hi-Pot Ground Test