14.5kV Burn-In Test System

Cathode Supply:

  • 1kV to 14.5kV output range
  • 500mA Ik, 1000W
  • Switched cathode output

Collector Supplies:

  • Designed as series-stackable modules to fit customer budget and allow future expandability
  • Single ultra wide-range resonant converters provide an operating range of 250V to 4500VDC between collectors.
  • 3 to 5 collector supply options available
  • Wide load range capability up to 400W per module
  • 1% voltage and current regulation

Heater Supply:

  • Voltage regulated, current limited:
    • 1V-12V
    • 1A-3A
  • 4-wire Kelvin connection provides accurate load point regulation.
  • Configurable ON timer

Auxiliary supplies include:

  • Voltage regulated Positive and Negative polarity Anode supplies:
    • 0V to +1kV @2mA
    • 0V to -5kV (-9kV optional) @2mA
  • Voltage regulated Vacuum Ion pump supply from 0 to 5kV @1mA

Grid Pulser or IFE:

IFE option

  • Offered with programmable IFE supply (0V-100V)

Grid-pulser option:

  • Programmable PRF from CW to 1MHz
  • Bias supply range -100V to -2000V
  • Pulse top supply range -1.7kV to +400V
  • Sample-and-hold current telemetry provides peak cathode current measurements during pulsing operation
  • External synchronization option is available (Optional)
  • Synchronization output (Optional)
  • Burst Mode (Optional)

Fast Protection:

  • Cathode crowbar switch
  • Arc detection on each high voltage output
  • Ground fault protection
  • Firmware-based setpoint regulation faults including Helix Over-Current

Control/Telemetry System:

  • Optically isolated ADCs provide accurate high voltage measurement with 16 bit resolution
  • Setpoints resolution – 16 bits.
  • User and high voltage lamp interlocks
  • Automatic reset feature clears faults and re-applies power to TWT for unattended burn-in.
  • Fault history logs and telemetry written to internal SD flash memory card.
  • Modbus fc23 over TCP/IP Ethernet communication with Windows PC-based software (fc23-based API available upon request).
  • Standard unit shipped with CPE Burn-In GUI for Windows XP/7/8 (not necessary for unit operation)

Additional features:

  • Oil-free design
  • Universal 90-264VAC, 50-60Hz, single-phase input with power factor > 0.95

For a full list of features, see page 1 of CPE’s flyer for IVEC 2016.