AC Heater

The PA-PSHTR02 Heater Power Source is a microprocessor based Traveling Wave Tube (TWT) Heater filament power supply with a large and highly-visible LCD display.

Output Range:

  • Voltage – 50mV to 20V
  • Current – 50mA to 10A
  • 0.1% accuracy, 0.02% linearity

Control Interface:

  • Mode and output level controlled via front panel or RS-422 serial communications port.
  • Multiple supplies can be connected to the same RS-422 line.
  • Supports on-site software upgrades.

Converter Operation:

  • Converter provides both current and voltage regulation
  • Precision AC power over a wide range of output impedances
  • Current limited short-circuit protection
  • Programmable setpoint can be limited by internal hardware adjustments
  • 60Hz output synchronized to AC line input
  • Short circuit protection by high-speed hardware loops
  • Crowbar-protected in the event of a prolonged fault condition


  •  Floating output can be connected to 10kV external DC voltages
  • Galvanic and optical isolation withstand high voltage transients associated with Traveling Wave Tube applications


  • Output is metered by precision True RMS to DC converters with gain accuracy of 0.1% and linearity within 0.02%
  • Four-wire Kelvin connection for load point regulation
  • Two-wire mode option provided
  • Full software-controlled calibration support


  • Filament on-time displayed on front panel
  • Resettable filament timer