TWT BTS Burn-In Test System

  • Ultra-wide range DC power converters
  • 14.5kV Ek, 500mA Lk, 1000W
  • Switched cathode
  • Positive and negative anodes
  • Ethernet telemetry
  • Data logging on SD memory card
  • Oil-free
  • Universal 90-264 VAC 50-60Hz single-phase input with power factor > 0.95
The 14.5kV Burn-In Test Station

24kV TWT Modulator

  • CPE Traveling Wave Tube test stations provide a safe computer-controlled test environment for TWTs to perform focus, test, and burn-in operations.
  • CPE TWT test stations designed with power supply accuracy and tube preservation in mind
  • Internal supplies are voltage and current regulated to better than ±0.1% using optically-coupled A/D converters, providing low-noise and high-speed accuracy.
  • TWT test stations are modular for easy future expansion and can accommodate from one to five collector supplies.
  • Power supply modules with full metal enclosures provide the lowest possible ripple and EMI susceptibility.
Rear view of the 24.9kV Modulator

Wide-Range Gas Flow PPU

CPE has developed wide-range multi-phase resonant converters that can deliver full power over a 5:1 output voltage range. This enables Hall thrusters to be operated with high thrust at low output voltages or high specific impulse at high operating voltages.

Phase IIE/III Gas Flow PPU

Hi-Pot Tester

  • Up to 5 channel output:
    • 1-channel output
      • 100kV at 10mA
    • 3-channel output configuration
      • 20kV at 1.2mA
      • 30kV at 1.2mA
      • 70kV at 10mA
    • 5-channel output configuration
      • 30kV at 1.2mA each
  • Polarity-reversing switch
  • Oil-free
  • Embedded control panel
  • Simple 120VAC input power
The 3-channel, 70kV hi-potter.

AC Heater Supply

  • Heater conditioning and bake-out
  • Output voltage synchronized to AC mains
  • 0-20VAC, 10A with low harmonic content
  • Mains frequency transformer isolation followed by AC buck converter
  • Precision RMS voltage and current meansurements
  • Microprocessor based
  • Serial interface for automated control
  • Isolation to 10kV
  • Short/open circuit protection
  • 4-wire connection for load point regulation
  • Advanced timer features
  • External interlock connection
The AC Heater Supply

60kV Oil-Free Modulator

  • Three-phase resonant DC to DC converters
  • 60kV, 20A pulses, 50kW average power
  • Three collector supplies
  • Optical Ethernet telemetry
  • Oil-free
  • 480VAC ±10%, 60Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire
The 60kV modulator

IPX Ion Thruster Test System

  • Developed for XIPS
  • 4kW to 30kW
  • Voltage and current readback accuracy to 0.1%
  • Standard single-phase resonant converter modules
  • 3-phase low-arc energy resonant modules available
  • Oil-free
  • 208VAC ± 10%, 60Hz, 3-phase, 4-wire
The IPX30K