Colorado Power Electronics was incorporated in 1996 and provides state of the art high voltage equipment to the TWT manufacturing industry for military and space applications.

CPE’s products are currently being used in military and space TWTA test stations and ion implanters. We are well-versed in all aspects of analog design and have the following in-house capabilities:

  • PCB design and layout
  • PCB assembly
  • System assembly
  • Test and calibration verification

Facilities include:

  • Fully equipped R&D laboratory

Customized solutions are our specialty, so please contact us with your specific application requirements.

Geoff Drummond is the founder and owner of CPE. Geoff’s prior experience in electronic equipment manufacturing included designing high-volume power supplies for the plasma thin film industry. Geoff’s high power DC and pulser products are currently the thin-film industry’s market leader for both U.S. and European sales. Geoff was awarded several patents for power converters and plasma thin-film processes.


Service Center:

CPE provides a well-equipped service and R&D laboratory which offers a full range of support for your CPE products.

Global Education Services:

We offer training and solutions related to TWT modulator test systems, pulsers, ion-thrusters, various market-specific applications, TWT Theory/Fundamentals, and complimentary technologies as required to provide simple solutions to customers.

Technical Application Notes and Tools:

Technical papers are designed to provide you with information concerning a variety of applications. Basic theory is discussed and practical guidelines are offered as well.

Product Manuals:

In order to serve our customers better we provide formatted Product Manuals in Adobe PDF format.